Like any other master batches, Miracle Plastic Perfumes comes in the form of granules. You can add 0.5% to 2.0% of your desired fragrance to your basic raw material such as LDPE, HM, HDPE (high % dosing reqd.), PP, BOPP, PVC, Rubber, etc. (soft grade plastics only) while you do extrusion, blow moulding or injection moulding (screw type). It can also be used for moulding (100%) and is available in variety of colours as per the customer's choice.

Yes, Miracle Plastic Perfumes is eco-friendly and ozone-friendly as it does not include emissions of any kinds of chlorofluorocarbons. It starts melting at 50 degree celsius and degrading after 200 degree celsius if the cycle time inside the cylinder is more.

It is a long lasting product in Packed Conditions.
For Extruded Bags: For Extruded Bags: After opening the products to normal room atmosphere, it lasts for 7 Days or more. In Sunlight, it may last up to 3 days.
For Moulded Articles: For Moulded Articles: It depends on thickness of the product and percentage of perfume used. Generally, the time period varies between 7 days to 3 Years.

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