About Us

Shriram Creation is a company that manufactures and markets Miracle Plastic Perfumes, which is the first of its kind in India. Ideally being used with soft kinds of plastic materials, it provides a great, long lasting fragrance to all your plastic products.

Most plastic products have a neutral smell, but in some cases it also emits bad odour (for eg. recycled plastic materials). In today's market, many plastic products are available which are of the kind or variety with extremely competitive prices. Every manufacturer seeks an alternative method to add a unique value to his product, either by innovative designing or by any other possible alternatives. Facing this stupendous task, the manufacturer makes a few cosmetic changes here and there, and aspires to offer low cost products often compromising on the quality of the same. The end result; the customer does not get any conclusive benefit.

Shriram Creation provides you an opportunity to add a 4th dimension to all your plastic products, the dimension of fragrance. Miracle Plastic Perfumes adds a distinct value to all your plastic products. Most plastic products today are not able to claim a unique selling advantage because their intrinsic features being almost similar and limited to the appearance, colour and other such attributes. By using our plastic perfume, you will not only make the product inviting but also give it a unique advantage over your competitors. The procedure is very simple and will give lasting impression on your customers.


Shriram Creation is involved in rigorous Research & Development since 1987 at the grass root level in association with our now reliable customers. In the year 1989, we launched a plastic perfume masterbatch which could actually be used to manufacture perfumed plastic products making it an intrinsic raw material of plastic.


Miracle Plastic Perfumes, although adds a small percentage to your inventory, yet the product turns out not only to be different but also proves to be unique. In short, as the marketing jargon goes, it is a USP to all your products; especially when there is no one to offer similar products.

"Colours gave plastic an edge, with PERFUME you sharpen it.
Let your plastic with perfume turn into a wonderful experience."