About Us

The burning of incense is as old as India itself. From times immemorial, exotic aromas and scents have been a part of the Indian way of life, whether it is a religious offering or an aid to meditation. The soothing fragrance of agarbatti creates a mood of serenity, bringing tranquility and concentration of mind. These incense sticks are ideal during pooja, prayers, spiritual sessions, meditation, yoga and music. Agarbatties are also used in everyday life as air fresheners and to enliven the surroundings.

There are 16 different modes of spiritual and devotional offerings made on special occasions, which are described in the Agama Shastra. Agarbatties have become a custom which is being passed on from generation to generation. Agarbatties are the most convenient form of spreading perfume and fragrance. They are quite a safe method. The incense sticks and wide variety of fragrances from Shree Krishna Udyog contain special formulas to bring joy and heart filled with contentment in life.


Research has proved that Pleasant odours make a person more active. Good smell causes the cells to trigger signals and stimulate various physiological responses, helps in reducing stress and enhancing health.

Incense is burnt to purify and cleanse the air of unpleasant odours, to signal the dawn or end of a day. It brings solace to the weary and stimulation to the mind and senses. Incense transmits purity and develops romantic atmosphere. The nature has gifted the sense of smell to all and to identify the same, the choice and pleasure is yours and the gift is ours.